Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mr and Mrs

I am finally back!! I've returned with a new blog name, beautiful new blog template but most importantly a new last name! I have a lot of health updates but decided for my first post back I want to share happy news and nothing makes me happier than our wedding day. So be ready for lots of photos of gushy words (you've been warned!). I know right now my words are not going to be able to do justice or be able to express the love and true joy we felt but I will give it a good shot!

The thing about planning a wedding when you are chronically unwell is all in the art of pacing yourself. Picking our photographer, venue, caterer, dress maker, florist, etc were all activities Dan and I could do together. The good thing was that we had time so we slowly worked through our list. I coped with this well. My Mum was my absolute rock during this time. I secretly think she enjoyed planning more than me haha! I loved sharing this special bonding time with her. We both agree we do not want to see another doily or bunting for a very long time though!

As the wedding day got closer I soon learnt that I had to start to delegate tasks and watch myself as my energy resources were fading as my to do list grew. Que the arrival of my Maid of Honour Josy from Melbourne who soon had everything under control. She had no shame in telling me to sit down, relax and was constantly checking if I was up to date with my medication. On the topic of medication two weeks out it was decided that for the sake of me being able to function my best bet was to up my prednsione. Not the most ideal medication to be increasing but it was a no brainier for me (#shreddingforthewedding was replaced with #beingabletowalkdowntheaisle!!)

My biggest worry was if I was going to be able to walk down the aisle without crutches or a terrible limp and enjoy my day without being in pain. I knew no matter what my health threw at me that day I would cope and still love every minute but I was praying that for one day I could truly be pain free.

Thankfully I didn't have to worry because on the morning on the 12th March 2016 I woke up feeling extremely well and ready to finally marry Dan!

I arose from my childhood bed room and was greeted with big hug from Josy. From there our day began. Mum tried to get some food into us but we were too excited to even register to eat. At 8.30am we went to the hair dressers where the fun began. I was met with my bridesmaid Sam and my flower girl Summer and of course Mum. The morning was spent laughing and joking as we were all pampered and enjoyed each others company. A few times I had to stop and think I am getting married today! Its today! I surprised myself how calm I was. Josy said to me the night before that I had done all the hard work and now today was my day to enjoy every moment and forget about everything else. If anything did go wrong I was blissfully unaware haha! That's the way it should be I think.

 My make up artist Bianca arrived and we spent time switching chairs then our photographer Aimee came and it finally felt real. Here are some snaps of me getting ready. I was surprised Bianca even managed to get make up on my face because of my constant cheesy smile.

Make Up by Bianca Weston

Hair by Mel from Vibe Hair Dezine

Dan spent the night with his Best Man and Groomsmen at our house and got ready there. The boys tucked into a big home made breakfast then went up to our venue to put out the chairs and decorations. Once they got back the photographer arrived and the boys began getting ready. No surprises the boys were snapped having a cheeky shot of whiskey!

Once we were all made over we returned back to Mum and Dads where it was time to get ready but not before I received a beautiful letter and necklace from Dan (yep that's when the first lot of happy tears were shed). Before getting ready we made time to sit down in the sunshine and enjoy a cup of wedding tea. Yes things were still strangely very relaxed. I was all about soaking up every moment and enjoy it. Every smile, every laugh, every hug were cherished and treasured.

Sam and Josy went off to my room to get ready while Mum took me to get ready in their bedroom. This was a special time for Mum and I, it felt right that she was the one to dress me. The special fact was Mum was the only one who had seen my dress so it was to be a surprise for everyone. I don't think I will ever feel as beautiful as I did in my wedding dress. I couldn't believe it was me. My dress was hand made by the incredibly talented Liah Roebuck. This woman is a complete superstar!!

Of course as I walked down the hallway and into the living room to show everyone the tears started again but not only from me...(Josy looking at you haha). Even Dad shed a few tears. It truly was such a beautiful, raw moment. One I will treasure forever.

We had time from some photos outside in the backyard then it was time to finally go and get married!!!

Right this post has become very long so the ceremony and reception will now be another post....the fun is just starting!

Promise it is almost half written so there will not be almost a years break in between haha!

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