Tuesday, September 13, 2016

To my husband on our wedding day

I am not sure if brides typically speak on their wedding day but as you probably know I wasn't exactly the traditional bride or one to follow the 'usual' way of doing things. For me personally it wouldn't have sat right with me if I didn't get up and say a few words (or a lot of words!!).

I wanted to include the final part of my speech...my part to Dan. It's safe to say this reduced a lot of people to tears and I spent the entire time reading off my piece of paper because i knew if I looked up there would be no returning to a composed state.

I went back and forth about whether or not to include my health battles in the speech but ultimately decided that it makes up a huge aspect of our relationship (whether we like it or not) and I felt by ignoring it I was not doing justice to the authenticity of our daily lives and the true strength of our love. It was real, honest and for me it perfectly captures the love I have for Dan. So here it is....

To my husband (oh my can't believe I can say that now). On our very first date together sitting in Starbucks nearly 8 years ago to this day you asked me to be your girlfriend I smiled down into my mocha and knew deep down in my heart I had found my soul mate. There was the way that from very early on and still to this day I feel safe and secure and comfortable with you. With you i feel like I am home. I could finally let my guard down and be myself. You loved me for me not front no act  just me. 

Today we vowed to love each other in sickness and in health but Dan I feel like you have taken this vow early and lived up to every precious word. I'm not going to lie we have faced some very tough and scary times together in relation to my health. I still vividly remember when I told you about my illness being worried that it might scare you off. But the words you said to me still bring me immense comfort today. You said 'that now we were two people fighting one illness and that I would never have to fight alone'. Dan that's when i knew you were the person for me.

 I think we like to imagine that love is this big gesture like we see in the movies but you want to know what true love is for me...its Dan rubbing my back while I wait for my pain medication to kick in, it's Dan heating up endless wheat bags to soothe my aching joints, it's him holding my hand while I nervously wait in yet another doctors room and it's him endlessly telling me that it's going to be okay even when he is scared . I'll tell you now that's a beautiful pure raw kind of love and that's the love I have with you. 

People often tell me that I'm the brave and strong one but hunny I think they have it wrong. In my eyes that is you. You selflessly give everything in your power to make me more comfortable. You are the true hero in this and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to share your heart with.  You bring a whole new meaning to the word devotion. I still can't believe how lucky I got. Together we make each other better. 

Dan because of you I smile more,
because of you I have hope,
 because of you I am stronger 
And because of you I finally feel healthy. 

I love you Dan and I cannot wait to share every waking day showing you this. Here's to our happily ever after! 

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